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On November 7, 1949, Elder W.K. Moore and his wife Sister Corrallie Moore, were led of the Lord to start a weekly prayer service in their home at 540 East Madison Street, in Freeport, IL. They obeyed the move of the Holy Spirit. Subsequently, Sister Moore was then led to call in Brother W.H. Madden.

The three began to pray for direction from the Lord, and the Lord blessed them according to the scripture Matthew 18:20 “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

As they continued to pray and looking to the Lord, Brother Swiney Stanberry was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. He was the first charter member of the church. God continued to bless as the services continued and more laborers were added to the vineyard, as in the Holy Bible- Matthew 9:37 – 38 verses.

Later the church was invited to the home of Brother and Sister Ted Williams at 114 Sherman Street in Freeport, IL. It was there that Evangelistic had their first Sunday School Class and received its first offering of $7.00.

The continual growth of the young church caused services to be moved and held in the home of the late Mother Carrie Brown, where there was more additional space. Services were held here from 1952 until December 15, 1953 .

The new congregation was blessed to move into our newly erected church facility at 38 South Sherman Avenue in Freeport, Illinois built by the late Elder Spencer, a contractor and a member of the Assemblies of God Churches.

The church had grown substantially by July 8, 1972 when the first Pastor and Founder of Evangelistic Church of God in Christ, Dr. W.K. Moore was called to home to be with the Lord, and to rest from his earthly labor.

After the death of late Pastor W. K. Moore, Elder W.H. Hudson was appointed Pastor. Under his leadership, the present edifice was erected at 440 S. Benton Avenue in Freeport, IL. Pastor, Superintendent Hudson served faithfully through the years, retiring in 1994.

At the request and recommendation of Pastor Superintendent Hudson, Elder Willie L. Collins Sr., was appointed and installed as the third pastor in succession of Evangelistic Church of God in Christ. He faithfully lead the church, and continued to hold the church together.

Pastor, Superintendent Willie L. Collins retired as pastor on October 26, 2015. Superintendent Willie L. Collins recommended his Assistant Pastor Adron L. Simmons to succeed him as the Pastor of the  Evangelistic Church of God In Christ of Freeport, IL.

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels of Wisconsin 1st Jurisdiction COGIC Prelate, and General Board Member of COGIC  appointed and installed Elder Adron L. Simmons  as the fourth pastor in succession of Evangelistic Church of God in Christ.  The Church is embracing the future in expectation as we pray to God to take the church to higher heights and deeper depths.

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