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Pastor Adron L. Simmons is the fourth pastor in succession of Evangelistic COGIC upon the retirement of his spiritual father, Emeritus Pastor -Superintendent Willie L. Collins Sr on October 26, 2015.

He is privileged and honored to serve as the leader of the church where he was taught about God as a child. Pastor Simmons is an anointed vessel of God. He has accepted Christ as his Savior. He is saved by grace, sanctified and filled with the precious gift of The Holy Spirit. He is a Husband,  a Father, a Family Man, a Preacher, a Teacher, a Visionary Leader, a Servant, a Friend, a Brother, a Confidant, a People Person, and has a great sense of humor.

Pastor Simmons testimony is that God is good, and all the time God is good. Pastor Simmons believes that there is hope for everyone as long as their alive and can make their own decisions. Pastor Simmons wants everyone to come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Grace of God. Pastor Simmons wants everyone to live in the life of abundance that was afforded us through Jesus Christ birth, life, teachings, sufferings, death and resurrection power. God raised Jesus from the dead, and there isn't anything that God cannot do.

Pastor Simmons serves in his church district as the Wonder District Sunday School Superintendent. Pastor Simmons is also a  board member of the Freeport Ministers Alliance, Freeport and Stephenson County Boys and Girls Club, Freeport School District, and the Freeport Branch of the NAACP.

Pastor Simmons is a product of the Freeport Public School System. Pastor Simmons holds a Bachelor's Degree from DeVry Institute of Technology in Business Operations Management.

Pastor Simmons is blessed and highly favored of God to be married to the lovely Kristi L. Thomas-Simmons for over 30 years. They are the proud parents of three children. Adron L. Simmons Jr., Ashley L. Simmons, and Andrew L. Simmons. To God be the Glory for the things that He's done, doing, and going to do in his Life.

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 Evangelistic COGIC of Freeport, Il is a member of the Wisconsin 1st Jurisdiction of the Churches of God In Christ. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels is the Prelate and General Board Member. Mother Billie Jo Thomas is the Supervisor of Women.


  Evangelistic COGIC of Freeport, Il is a member of the

Wonder District. Pastor Maurice West(Westside COGIC, Rockford, IL) is the District  Superintendent, and Evangelist Jessie M. Palmer is the District Missionary.







Evangelistic COGIC of Freeport, Il is a member of

The Church of God In Christ, Inc.(COGIC). The COGIC is a Christian organization in the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition. It is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States. COGIC has congregations in over 80 countries with approximately 7 million members worldwide.

COGIC World Headquarters is located in Memphis, TN. The Presiding Bishop is Bishop Charles E. Blake, and the General Supervisor of Women is Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis.

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